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Friday, 25 July 2014

Instagram of the week: Moody and beautiful post-storm skies.

1. All photobombs are good, this royal one is great.

2. I'm a bit of a journal collector. Any fancy journal - I want it. One of my journals has now been allotted for novel planning. Exciting!

3. I saw Dawn of the Planet of the Apes this week. Stop what you're doing, go and see it now. The cinematography was a complete treat for the eyes, the acting was good and what an interesting story! ANDY SERKIS I LOVE YOU.

4. Had a treat yo' self moment and bought myself a couple of magazines this week. WILD, I know. But such a treat!

5. I've dived back into an exercise routine after a few weeks of busyness. It feels GURRRD. I'm feeling strong *flexing muscle emoji*.

6. I've been LOVING The Honourable Woman, BBC 2's new drama. Are you watching? I'm hooked.

7. Hurrah for the Commonweath Games! Love me some sport. The opening ceremony though...? Wasn't it a funny one!

8. It's been a long ol' time since this blog posted a recipe. Amongst other things, I've been loving this Avocado spaghetti (served with wholewheat spaghetti) on at least a weekly basis. So delicious!

9. I'm a keen world traveller and animal lover. If you are too, articles like this are important.

10. How gorgeous is this weather?! I've been in an office for most of the week and I'm so excited the weekend is beginning to enjoy the weather. I'm off to the beach tomorrow with my family and can't wait to dive into the sea. TGIF, hey?

Have a happy weekend, friends! x

Adventures Up North

Thursday, 24 July 2014

A few weeks ago now, J and I loaded up our little car with walking boots, wellies and waterproofs and headed up to Northumbria to meet my Mum and Dad for a mini break along the northern coast. We were ready with layers to face the supposedly fierce Northern weather, but were greeted (sweating a little) with glorious sunshine. Whilst this weather made for some pink-cheeked, damp-browed hiking, it also made for some great adventures. From paddling in the North Sea, to being dive bombed by some ferociously protective Artic Terns on the Farne Islands, we had a fair few escapades. I've collected a few of my favourite pictures below, I hope you enjoy them!

We arrived in the late afternoon to this incredible view.

And a stroll along the beach. 

We were pretty excited to be breathing in the fresh, sea air so naturally had to snap a shadow selfie on the beach.   

The evening was beautiful, warm and bathed in golden light. 

Archie was soaking it all up...

... Whilst we spotted sea birds on the rocky shore.

The sea has my heart always and makes me feel so energised.

So energy levels all topped up, the following day we hopped on the train and sped up to Edinburgh. We climbed a portion of Arthur's Seat. 

And grabbed a selfie before wending our way down to the Royal Mile.  

Littered with Gothic Catherdrals, Tartan shops...

... and strange boys dancing to bagpipe music. We're looking at you, J.
Want to know where we ate in Edinburgh? Check out my post on The Crafters Barn

Our evening was spent browsing Barter Books, an incredible converted train station full of comfy armchairs and endless editions of all the books you could want. 

Some seriously cool editions. My kinda place. 

We continued our adventures the following day by hopping on a boat to spot some of the North Sea's wildlife.

There's quite as much observing to do on the boat as off...

We chugged past groups of seals blinking in the sun. They were pretty incredible.

In the afternoon we jumped off onto the Farne Islands to spot puffins and Artic terns amongst other birds. We were advised to wear hats (the terns tend to dive-bomb if you get close to their nests) so that's why I'm dressed for winter and J looks like he works on an oil rig.
Also note my stylish layering of glasses...

Later that evening we entered the local pub quiz and were sadly robbed of first place! We let it go though, as we had the best name by a country mile - Archie and The Walkers.
Looking a little red around the edges from the unexpected Northern sun, aren't we?

On our last day we walked along the rough and rocky coast line and finally I snapped a picture of my three holiday companions! 

We stopped for lunch at The Jolly Fisherman in Craster and I tried The Jolly Fish board, laden with crab, prawns, salmon and all sorts of other delights! If you're ever in the area I'd highly recommend. Also who knew a herring role mop was SO DARN DELICIOUS?!

Just enough time for a quick dip in the bracing northern sea (I love Arch shaking off the chilly sea in this photo) and it was time to pack up our unused waterproofs and head back home.

We had such a lovely break, it is always such a treat to adventure on the English coast. We have so many gems to explore so I'm pleased to say I've experienced the Northumbrian coast.

Lottie Loves: 36

Friday, 18 July 2014

Instagram of the week: Graduation day selfie! One of my favourite selfies, EVER!

1. I was so girly last week and got a manicure! I'm the kind of girl that is most comfortable in overalls, bare feet and in mud so it's quite a change for me. I loved it though! Even though it felt a bit like the dentist for my hands...

2. Joy! What are you doing to me?! I must make these Peach Cobbler Cinnamon Rolls.

3. About Time. What a charming and eclectic film. Only Richard Curtis directs romantic films that I love to watch.

4. How to Train Your Dragon 2. I saw it! It did not disappoint, I even got a bit emotional (no shame). I can confirm that I still want a dragon.

5. I completely failed at cooking cous cous this week. I'm not sure how it happened but it came out like a paste. I'm grateful that J keeps quiet and eats anything I put on his plate.

6. Last weekend I was thrilled to provide the favours for a wedding. What an exciting step for Lottie's Little Kitchen and a real honour to be included in someones special day!

7. I'm drinking copious jugs of iced water in this warm and humid weather. I want to get on the flavoured water bandwagon asap!

8. Fresh flowers in the house. It's such a treat! I haven't been in my house for more than a stretch of 5 days recently, so I felt I couldn't have fresh flowers and not enjoy them completely. I always think it's kinda sad to come back home to dead flowers. But my schedule is settling down and I was treated to two bunches of flowers for my graduation. My flat is blooming again and I love it.

9. Holiday planning. Well not so much planning as toing and froing. All I want is adventure but the World has so many damn options!

10. Spending time with family. Recently and happily I've been spending a load of time with my wonderful and talented family. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have them all as my best friends.

Have a happy weekend, friends! x


Thursday, 17 July 2014

I've officially graduated!
Shaken hands with the chancellor, been handed my certificate, wore the robes and everything. It's a pretty busy day considering you're only on the stage for all of 20 seconds, but what a day to remember! My Mum managed to snap a fair few photos of the day (easy to see where I get my snap-happy tendencies from...) and I'd love to share them with you. It was a jolly occasion for sure. 
I began my day by collecting my robes and then snapchatting grad robe related jokes to everyone. I think I was just a little bit giddy. But as you can see, such a glorious robe and hood lends itself to all sorts of lols.
Also could've been mistaken for a graduate from Slytherin house.

Then I was showered with graduation flowers - lucky me! A beautiful bunch from J.

And a darling bunch of Sweet Peas from my Mum. They're so incredibly fragrant and are still perfuming my flat and brightening my day.

Then once my family + J were suited and booted we headed down to the ceremony in glorious sunshine. I sat amongst giggly graduands waiting for my name to be called.
Then my moment had come! I received my degree in English and didn't trip. Hurrah!

Looking chuffed, feeling chuffed!

An hour and a half and a bajillion fellow graduates later, and we were done and filing out! I look particularly excited but appears my attitude wasn't contagious for the boy on my right. Cheer up pal, you've just got a degree!

And look who else made it across the stage trip-free and looking dapper...

Hey there J!

Clever little chappo!

We flooded out into the courtyard and Mum spotted a golden photo opportunity by climbing up the fire escape. She's got dedication to the cause.

Best waves people! 

Then we hopped back to my flat and had a few photos in the grounds. One grownup one...

And one dementor one.
The Harry Potter opportunities are endless. 

Jumping for joy - we've graduated!

All smiles with Josie.

Then we cracked out our best dance moves to celebrate.
Strong, aren't they?

With my fantastic parents. Thanks for everything, guys!

 My supports in every way and my best pals.

And here are a couple of my favourite family shots. Josie jumps and dwarfs us all, whilst giving herself a spectacular beard. You go - Jo!

And one of my favourite photos, ever! All smiles.

After we finished with the photo session, we kicked off our shoes, shrugged off our suit jackets and robes and changed into shorts and tshirts to enjoy the sun. Dad popped open the champers and we celebrated picnic style.  

I mean who wants to sit inside when you can sprawl out on the grass with your best friends and a veritable feast! 

Glasses were raised every which way.

And we tucked in to one of the happiest meals I've had!

The rest of the day was passed in chatter and laughter. The perfect way to celebrate 3 years at Loughborough University, Josie getting into the netball England A team (SUPER STAR!!) and my parents being the bomb diggity.

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