Hello Friend, I'm Lottie. A 20 year old student with a passion for food.

When I started this blog last year, it was to document my often messy struggles in a student kitchen. It was to try and offer some kind of inspiration to other students and a place to show the world that we can manage more than beans on toast. My earlier adventures involved a lot of uneven, roughly chopped onions, a lot of shortcuts and a tonne of blagging. But with the growth of LLK and the move into a house with a proper kitchen this blog quickly became a place to share real, achievable and tasty recipes for students and frugal cooks alike. I believe that food on a budget can still be beautiful and delicious. Lottie's Little Kitchen is here to prove this.

In the summer of 2012, Lottie's Little Kitchen was nominated for a Cosmopolitan blog award, in the category of 'Best Food Blog'. It was a massive boost. The nomination itself was incredible, but it was the fact I had readers who cared enough to vote that was so amazing to me. Thank you for doing that, thank you for being here. I promise I'll make loads of cake and chocolatey things to keep tempting you back.

I am now in my second year studying English at Loughborough University and I'm a geek through and through. I dabble in a little freelance writing and you can find me cooking with Cosmopolitan's Cosmo on Campus here and here.
When I'm not cooking or studying you can find me reading, writing, singing, swimming, running, painting or being a general fool with my family, friends and boyfriend.

One day, I would love my own little flat in London with huge windows, gingham bunting and is half kitchen half everything else. But for now, I love the challenge of student cooking and the attempts not to get a pile of washing up or empty beer bottles in the background of my photographs.

My love for food didn't spring into being with my arrival to university. I come from a family of cooks and eaters. I've grown up around food, often home grown, and have always been encouraged to cook. The food of my childhood was filled with more than butter and sugar, there was also a lot of laughter and love in there. I try to put as much of that as possible into the recipes of LLK, too.

Lottie's Little Kitchen is here to guide both me and you through kitchen adventures and keep us healthy, happy and in a good supply of brownies.

When did you start blogging?
I've kept a blog on and off for the past few years but I started food blogging last year in May.
Who takes the photos on my blog?
Mostly I take my own photos. Unless my hands are covered in food in which case self-timer, housemates or my boyfriend step in and give me a hand.
What is my favourite food?
Any thing Italian, anything Indian. Narrowed it down a bit, right?
Oh wait, Mexican too!

I hope you enjoy Lottie's Little Kitchen. Hopefully one day I'll have a kitchen of my very own and a nice wooden serving board to present all sorts of delights on. See you around, most probably somewhere near the fridge.

Love Lottie. xxxxxxx

Current edit: 28/03/13


  1. You are awesome

  2. This is a fantastic blog, really well done! We enjoy reading all of your posts. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you. I love yours too!

  3. I think your blog is brilliant. This is coming from someone who has never been a foodie and have always resented cooking. I've started cooking again recently and couldn't have stumbled upon a more perfect blog - full of nice meals on a budget that aren't difficult or time consuming, presented clearly enough so that even a nightmare in the kitchen such as myself can get it right! Keep up the good work.

    1. This comment made my day, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving it. I'm so glad you've got back into cooking and enjoy the posts - I hope you continue to do so for a long time! xx


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